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Before You Contact Us : ( Mandatory Reading )

Hello, let me firstly thank you for taking the time to read over this as it will clear up many of the questions that you may have had before reading this page and hence, thereof making your over all experience in contacting us that much more pleasurable and so fourth.

Firstly, and above all else, we would STRONGLY suggest that you take the time in Reading The Entire Site so that you as the Consumer, or possible future Client, can have a full knowledgeable perspective on the subject at hand and or, understanding in what were about, how spells actually work and lastly, what can be realistically expected of spell work and what can't.

Many of you, simply won't take the time to read over our extensive literature on the sites sites past their first pages and this has presented a problem and moreover, made that much more work for us in having to re-explain what has all ready been written down for your convenience, and how disappointing for us.

Why ? Because we've painstakingly, taken over a combined span of fifteen years to place this information at your disposal for educational purposes in explaining the real mechanics of magical art, how it can work in your life without the aid of actual spell castings, free or otherwise, and what the spiritual world expects of us all in return for any wish being granted by the powers that be.

We're very happy that a good many of you in the past have felt so impressed with our starting material on the sites that you have scurried off in contacting us immediately before reading anything else however, this often times doesn't work to your benefit and only slows down your case process in that, we have to take unnecessary additional time in explaining and or, addressing all your questions that have all ready been addressed on the sites long ago.

We will address these questions over and over again if this assists you in feeling better about the overall spell process simply because we believe that, “knowledge is power” yet, we had rather focus on, and or, concentrate our energies in resolving your crisis situation as quickly as possible and thus, everyone being on the same page achieves this at a much faster rate then the right hand not knowing what the left is doing because someone didn't take the time in educating themselves before contacting us for spell work.

With these things being said, let's move on to the next set of things you should know even before you think about contacting us for any kind of spell castings as follows:

We don't mind performing free spell work for those that can't afford it in light that we are here to serve Divinity first and humanity second however, there is a financial criteria that must be met before a person can qualify for the free spell program so please check within for the guidelines to this program to see if you qualify.

Next, we are a fully legal and licensed business in the state of Idaho with a excellent long standing record for spell success that further, stays with our Clients until they are (Completely Happy with their spell results ) that's further backed up with Client testimonials and personal Client references made available for anyone to explore hence, we are not a "two bit" site that's just made their way onto the Internet over the last few months more so than moreso we are an established, ethical, caring and fully competent business that's been on the Internet for roughly fifteen years in total, just so you are aware of this fact.

Being a well established business on the Internet for so long, we have developed a system that serves all concerned and or, ensures that everything runs smoothly moreover, that a Client receives the best quality services possible in the way of the spell castings and counseling that ultimately leads to fast, strong spell results but yet and again, Client cooperation is key in this endeavor for successful outcomes.

Internet Spell Scams

Scams, damn!!!!! We are so tired of hearing this word coming from folks writing in to us....you know, the horror stories and that ever so often heard “I've Been Scammed! " over the phone or email. It disheartens us greatly to hear of folks out there getting the short end of the stick yet, the only way around this is through ((( Spell EDUCATION ))) , asking a lot of questions of the Caster and checking them out before throwing your money and future away on them, right? Of course I'm right in saying this as I'm sure you will agree.

Again, we are so sorry for your financial loss, speaking to those who've been given the raw deal however, there is nothing that we can do about it at this point and can only further suggest that you take a matter such as this up with your local D.A.’s office. The future is ours now, and history is history, hence; you now can start over again with us to help you in doing it the right way this time around and how do you do that? By yielding the magical help you need and deserve, right ?

It's unfortunate that there are so many so called 'spell casters' out there pretending to be magically skilled people with the sole intent of parting you from your hard earned cash subsequently carried out through toying with your emotions but to no matter as again, the past is the past and you have now reached us in your travels, we are the ones that can really help you this time round why? Because we are the real deal with a vast arsenal of magical experience, who care about you as a person, that's why.

And to those that might jump to conclusions about ourselves, even though they've not taken even five minutes to read the pages of our sites, I'm here to assure them that we are on the up and up and our sites loudly speak out legitimacy for themselves via their very written and pictured content. Not that we have many out there jumping to conclusions simply for the reason that most folks have a good deal of intelligence and read over things before they start hurling uneducated accusations at someone they don't even know, or a site they haven't even read.

Inappropriate Spell Clients

Let me just elaborate off the last topic a bit further as it has relevance to the following paragraphs below in saying primarily, that if a person has trust issues about someone they've contacted regarding spell work because of a bad experience they've had in the past working with someone else, then they're really not appropriate Clients for us to work with in light of these trust issues, seriously. Why ? Because it only makes more work for the caster plus the fact, that positive mindset and faith in Divinity as well as we your potential casters are vital key elements for given spell's success.

To put it another way, in spell work, “you are what you think”, and spells will bring to you whatever they think you might want via tapping your brain and thus, if your entertaining doubts and failure from the beginning and harboring mistrust in the one casting that another caster did in the past for you, then your pretty screwed by your own design and there's nothing that we as your potential Casters can do about this as your making a direct wish to Divinity past the Caster's efforts. In short, “NEGITIVE MINDSET = BAD SPELL RESULTS” and so, a BIG Waste Of Time and money not to mention, all that emotional pain it causes the Client in between.

We Are Not A "Harry Potter" Type Of Spell Casting Business

No, we don't fly around on brooms or magick carpets, and we don't have a pet talking hat lol..... it's just not where we're at folks. This is all fantasy stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with real magickal art or attaining your desired wishes via real magickal works performed by us. Some years ago I was offered a part in the first Harry Potter as the Wizard and turned it down quite simply because, it sent the wrong message about the real and true magickal discipline that I love so much.

Yes, I could have been super rich had I taken the part in that Harry Potter film, but I wasn't prepared to sell my soul to the Devil in making money however the point being is that many people have a misconception of the world of magick and those whom perform it because of films such as the Harry Potter movies and so, I am going to speak about this a bit further in the paragraphs below to enlighten the masses whom might still be in the dark concerning how magick actually works, so stay with me.

Magickal practice and or spell castings CANNOT change the color of your eyes nor can it make you fly yet, it can set you up with a good eye doctor that perhaps, carries products to enhance your eye color one way or another and more so, can cause your spirit to feel light enough to fly, lol .

On the other hand, spells can also bring relationships back together along with some common sense advice; they can bring prosperity to you, or get rid of a pain in the a_s person in your life that might be bothering you in some way and so much more.

We specialize in the rubber meeting the road types of magick while teaching our valued Clients how to perform little beneficial spells for themselves as we go along to help them long after the spell work has been performed in their behalf, long after the work is complete and their completely happy with their spell results.

We teach people how to communicate with Divinity while learning how to cultivate their own interpersonal relationship with Divinity and what the spiritual realm expects of them for the granting of any wish they might wish granted and much more. Again with all this being said, this site and the spell operations herein are geared to empower a person in life, in allowing a individual the capacity to take back control over their life by aligning themselves with Divinity's Holy Laws and finding new ways to resolve both new and old problems alike.

Yes, this particular site is about teaching spiritual values and the fine tuning of spirit in the ways of Divinity and thereof , achieving perfect balance of that mind, body and spirit that ultimately brings peace in one's life through the power of knowledge and spiritual faith or fortitude.

We are about removing the trials and tribulations from the Clients future karmic life via teaching them the Holy Wisdoms of Divinity's inward workings, the workings that the Church has failed in teaching the masses over the last 2,000 years. No, Harry Potter has nothing on us and we're just not from his neighborhood if you get my drift. Again, entertaining show but nothing to do with real magickal practice or obtaining your wishes from the Holy Divine Source.

Please Take The Time To Read This Site

There is so much that we can do for you my friends. We offer so many things that I really can't cover it all here and that's why it's so important to read over the sites before you contact us. Don't be in a hurry to throw your money and effort away at someone without really knowing what your getting into regarding spell work.

My lovely wife Enchantress Jan and myself are very down to earth people who have dedicated a lot of time in writing all the pages of information that you see. Why? In our efforts to provide for you the reader, the keys to a happy and successful life via spell work or not. You see, the wisdoms to life and magickal success are posted on the sites themselves free of charge and for all to receive.

You really honestly do owe it to yourselves to be happy in life and to be free of restraints, don't you agree? Sure you do. Yes, it will take you a few nights or weeks to read over the theology and the other articles, but it's time well spent as this information will free you, and give you an entirely new, promising and fresh look at your life over all. I guarantee it.

So, what do you have to lose but a little time in reading? The keys to a happy life and a successful union with Divinity is within your grasp and all you have to do is reach for the stars in having a very real chance in achieving your fondest dreams.

The sky is the limit of all the incredible treasures that Divinity has in store for you.

Thank you again for taking valuable time to read this before contacting us.

In Divinity's Service,
Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll
Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows




Scams - Scam Spell Casters & Scam Psychic Spell Casting Sites

Over the years, Jan and I have heard the endless horror stories of innocent people being scammed and worse yet, by a persons previous spell caster whom they've once trusted and so, our hearts go out to all of you that have had this misfortune however, only so much can be done past learning from the lesson and putting the negative event behind you.

We hate scam sites just as much as anyone else, and this is why we are constantly teaching folks in how NOT to be scammed by taking a few easy steps being spell education and using common sense.

You see, scammers depend on your ignorance in the matter of spell castings and thus, only worsen the matter by telling you what they think you want to hear to get you in for a spell however, this isn't the case here as we answer to a higher power and believe in higher learning and honesty.

Ok, with the statements made above, I will continue by saying that were NOT a scam site, and even though we feel badly for what some of you have been through in the past with these less then reputable magick sites, we can only do so much about these situations to which brings me to my next topic of concern as follows below.

We can only work with you in offering you the most advanced spells that will address your situations quickly and effectively while adhering to the good laws of spiritual and legal ethics, no more and no less can be expected of us no more then we can expect these same noble attributes coming from you when moving through the spell process.

We value your business and like to think of all of you as friends, we would love to help everyone as much as humanly and magically possible however, we can only help you as much as your willing to be helped and no more.

Everything you should know about magical practice, the spell process, your and our parts in the spell ritual unfoldment, and what can realistically be expected from the spell castings in general, is clearly posted on the pages of the sites as we want everyone to be on the same page as we are. There's nothing worse then not knowing where your at, where your going, or coming from in life.

We realize that the sites are huge and that some people may have difficulty in finding something pertaining to the sites or spell criteria, and that's why were always on standby to assist you in any way we can concerning any questions or concerns that you may have, either as a current Client or potential Client and so fourth.

Our sites work on the honor system and we pretty much take what someone tells us at face value however, please remember that Divinity sees and hears all and will act accordingly to what a person says and does during either the spell negotiations, or actions taken by a Individual on through the spell process.

Please know, that this site is all about ethics, helping folks through their crisis, magically resolving problematic issues or situations, and bringing people to Divinity with a different perspective. We stand for all that is good in the world and were not about evil on any level however, we are about Divine justice and mercy.

It's unfortunate that there are so many sites out there that play the scam game yet, they don't have any power over the person whom takes the time in educating themselves, we can give you this prudent education that will in turn, keep you safe in the days ahead, or in stopping the on line scammer for you indefinitely.

The spell process, really does speaks for itself just as do our sites by yielding immediate results in your life that you can actually see unfolding before your very eyes, so please take the time to read over the site as it will address just about every question you might have concerning magical practice, the sites, about ourselves and the spells you might have cast in your behalf.

Our sites aren?t about concealing the facts, not about twisting the truth, not about taking the money on the run and moreover, nothing to do with deception or telling people what they want to hear for the sake of selling a spell. In short, we would rather lose you as a Client by telling you the truth about your situation, then in winning you over with a pleasant lie about what can be done for you.

We understand the frustration that people have in coming off these scam sites while suffering empty pockets and having nothing to show for it yet, you are here now and better days are head for you, and all that's needed is a little belief in Divinity, us and yourself to achieve your fondest dreams.

Scam sites don't have page after page of real and verifiable testimonials such as we have, they don't have past satisfied Clients that you can actually speak to, no more then they give reasonable explanations of what spell work actually is and what it can realistically accomplish for you.

Scam sites won't have real spell pictures of past rituals performed or over 300 pages of spell education for you're to read over and lastly, scam magic sites won't offer a spell counseling program and or, spell criteria such as we offer to the public at large.

Many times, a scammer magic site won't offer a crisis hot line or address spell questions adequately past receiving the fee. I mean, all you have to do is in reading out site pages to make the various distinctions between us the legitimate site, and the scam sites looking to steal your hard earned money, it's not a hard thing to determine.

Ok, let's look at the time our sites have been on the air ways to which is going on fifteen years now, a scam sit doesn't last this long on the Internet and is doing well to stay on the search engines over a year at best and less then a couple of months at worst.

We've been on the air fifteen years now serving the public in a positive way in bringing back not only ethical standard and values to magical practice in leading by example, but in clearing away the many obstacles in the areas of protection, love and finance for those whom dared to have a little trust in us all down through the years, people just like you, real people with real problems that needed real Divine intervention in their lives.

Again, were so very sorry that you might have been one of those unfortunate persons that made the unwary mistake of tripping into, and using one of these scam sites on the Internet however, you will have to eventually lay your hurt and mistrust aside and trust someone again in assisting you.

If not, then the enemy has won a victory over you and thus, you will never achieve your dream again in life because the thief scammer has stole the most valuable thing that any person possesses being their faith and hope in the world, their faith and hope that they can have a better life through Divinity.
Yet, should you not give the thief power over you and choose to press on with courage, hope and faith in the powers that be, Jan nor I will EVER betray your trust in us. Again, take your time in reading over the site as we want you to understand who we are and what we can do for you before you even think about writing in or calling us.

As I've stated before, the sites speak for themselves and so does our good reputations as we stand behind all of our spell services, have for years and will continue to way off into the future. Should you get to the point that you feel good in contacting us please know, that we will never pressure you to purchase spell work, you are not obligated to us in any way and consultation are just as free as some of the other services we offer.

We will speak to you on a one on one bases and your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, we will discuss your particular set of circumstances and suggest the proper spell remedies with you that will get your life back on track, no pressures, no scams, no guilt trips, just good old common sense and offering you the best spell castings in the world that are up for your review.

In other words, we serve Divinity and you and thus, you tell us what you want to achieve and we will do our level best in making it happen for you in good speedy time.

It is my sincere wish that this post has assisted you in some way, or in elevating any fears that you may have had with this site as a direct result of a negative experience you might have had with a unrelated site to us in the past.


Jan Windglows & Jim Morgan