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Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll Concerning The Wisdoms Of Marriage And Divorce.
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"Marriage & Divorce. Wisdoms Heard. Wisdoms Gained"

By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

Is Marriage the beginning of the end ultimately leading to Divorce? Perhaps The Forerunner to unforeseen catastrophe lurking in the darkness ? I wonder......Strange things start occurring in life when one goes through a Divorce doesn't it ?  I know as I've been dealing with my divorce for a little over a year now however it will be over soon and very much to my satisfaction thanks to a good legal team and my in-depth knowledge of the advanced black magical arts. This is not always the case for some of you out there and unfortunately for those of you whom are just beginning this painful process I'm so sorry to say.
When one goes through a Divorce, certain unpalatable things start to happen such rampant untruthful gossip. Friends turning against you for no reason or out of jealousy and envy. Your soon to be EX  begins to paper the neighborhood and world with their twisted and one sided version of the story that moreover absolves them of any guilt. Friends and family begin picking sides. One tends to find themselves as the object of blame and ridicule etc. If by chance children are involved to which is the case in most instances the opposing partner or both starts the process of flooding their young minds with unending propaganda geared to the destruction of the over all relationship with them. The war games never stop and no one is immune from being caught up in them to no matter who it harms in the long run.  Even the family pets can and do suffer as a result of these games of madness.
Divorces are agonizing not to mention costly. A divorce will automatically ruin ones credit, social standing, employment and so on. This is of course on top of the pre-existing emotional pain that this life crisis causes in either being left or having to leave your spouse as the last great act of hopelessness or being overwhelmed and consumed with despair. What about the endless agonizing confusion and loss of hope leading up to the divorce and how it just makes you want to die every day and night?. In my case I watched a beautiful and loving person over a span of 15 years turn into someone I didn't even know. I watched them turn into the exact opposite of what they had been in which caused me to fall in love with them in the first place.  
In my case. I watched my partner undergo a metamorphoses or sorts that changed her from being a loving and giving Individual into a vindictive and hateful person whom existed only for the love of possessions, money, and power.  Furthermore who I had to defend myself against each waking moment regarding the onslaught of her baneful legal and public attacks not only on my good name but the good names of those around me. This page is about all of us concerning this modern day crisis that most have experienced if not once but several times in life. It's about loss, regret and or the upheaval and loneliness that divorce causes.  It's about the emptiness, separation and depression that one undergoes when divorce occurs for whatever reason or circumstance and the breaking down of a family unit. Marital divorce is all about disruption and death of both love unions and friendships.
In life I've heard it said that everything happens for a reason and that there's always a silver lining behind every cloud however when going through a divorce one tends to think these sayings to be total baloney lol.  I was only married once and rather late in life because marriage was just wasn't the way to go for me personally at the time plus the fact that just about everyone I knew back then had been involved in a divorce. In other words I had witnessed what divorce could do to people early on in my life and just didn't need that sort of thing happening to me at any point to no matter what plus the fact that I thought and still think that the church is about the most corrupt organization on the face of the earth.  I don't care much for it's over all policies or practices and thus with this being said we'll let sleeping dog's sleep. 
Why did I get married ?  Hell, I don't know.  Maybe it was for love or out of loneliness. Perhaps it was just wanting to take care of someone else and still yet maybe I was just trying to fit into a world that I never really belonged to or didn't fit into like so many of us.  Maybe it was for all the wrong reasons.   Perhaps your asking what was the reason for this marriage or how did it serve me and moreover where's the silver lining to this cloud ?    Please know that I can only surmise my friend while venturing to yield these explanations of why this occurred to me personally.  It's pretty simple really when I stopped and thought about it after it was all said and done. 

I've assisted thousands of people throughout the years either undergoing or close to divorce without really experiencing it for myself firsthand and thus I was on the outside looking in with the advice given as a result of this.  How can you effetely assist others when you haven't been where their standing in short. And there we have it.  The silver lining behind this unfortunate happening in my life circumstance.  Yes, An expensive and painful lesson to be had for sure. Another life experience under my belt that Divinity saw fit that I should have apparently.  Maybe your asking yourself : "Why didn't he perform spells to save his marriage ?"  Or maybe he didn't want the marriage after a while or became board with it. 

To answer these questions I would say firstly that I did want a successful lifetime marriage however when one is physiologically and spiritually evolving and the others not then this can shake the relationship to its very core.  Changing views and ways of doing things drive people apart especially when one out of the two aren't making an effort to keep up. I did perform numerous spells in a frantic effort to make the marriage work and they were in fact successful to some degree but please keep in mind that when your other half isn't working with you or following the Divine laws that they know so well spells only prolong the inevitable.
Mental illness and drug use or the failed medical treatment can also be a factor as this will not only effect the marriage to a greater extent but in the way that spells will work or react in the given situation of trying to magically save a certain relationship. One can perform spells to save a relationship and or obtain a long term successful marriage however one has to realize that they are living in a magically induced or forced union.  Yes, a real relationship in the way of tangibility but unreal in the sense that without the spells the relationship will fail to positively progress or unfold under its own power.  This can be likened to a generator.  Give it gas and you have lights however when the gas is gone so are your lights. 

 I chose in the end to find something real that I didn't have to keep filled with gas on a regular basis.  Please let me also say that most relationships typically don't relate to my personal situation as most people tend to understand good common logic and sense and moreover will do anything to save their marriage.  This was a missing component in my previous relationship regarding my former spouse.The communication in my case or previous relationship could be considered a one sided deal at best in which  my other half at the time refused to see the reality and or repercussions of her actions not to mention the other persons point of view pertaining to most issues inside and outside of the marriage.   

Spells generally are geared in asking Divinity for a second or third chance in a given relationship by resolving the differences and bringing people back together to which they often times do however there are cases where spell castings will only prolong the agony especially if one out of the two can't rationalize general reality.  Performing spells in this instance would be inappropriate in my opinion and would not serve anyone. In other words it's not going to do any good to cast a love or marriage spell if the major problems aren't addressed by both the persons involved. It would be a act of futility if the couple weren't educated or willing to deal with a certain set of issues in a positive or constructive way.  

The couple must learn to move under their own power without the aid of magical intervention down the road at some point in time and this is why education is important. It's not about casting a spell to save a relationship more so then it is about a couple equally developing a strong relationship to each other on a mutual level that is filled with Love, Respect, Trust, and Communication. It's not so much about getting a quick fix to make everything all better in ones life more so then it's about both people earnestly developing a working relationship with Divinity to keep their mental and spiritual fortitude strong against the negative influences of the world. 

I had this in my previous relationship early on however one became complacent and the other moved on as a result. Divinity is The Living Force Of Creation. The Source of all things.   One can not play with or fool the Divine Presence least they automatically invite doom on themselves. When the Divine Force gives us the gift of love in this lifetime then it's up to us to cherish and polish this gift daily least it become tarnished and soiled. Divinity has a good deal to do with not only our relationships  but over all lives as well and thus when this Master Of Creation deems that something is detrimental to either the one or the many then of course it decrees that the harmful thing should be done away with or destroyed entirely after so many warnings. Divinity will also determine the outcome of spell work no matter the form it takes. They are the Deciders of what is right and correct and that which is wicked and against its Laws Of Creation.  

It's been my magical experience that Divinity has no problem bringing people back together however they do have a problem when we don't listen or adhere to their laws of positive and constructive life after receiving their gifts of Love, Health, and Finance. They have no problem taking back what was given when the deal is broken between them and the unfortunate few. Divorce seemingly or oddly enough is a wide spread epidemic these days stretching across every culture and timeline in the world that absolutely no one is exempt from regarding this plague of the heart and despair of the spirit . It doesn't matter how evil or righteous a person might be as this beast has a insatiable appetite for destruction and thus spreading from the sinful to the pure of spirit without shame or remorse.  

I would be hard pressed to meet or yield the names of anyone who has been successful in escaping its long reaching and devastating effects.  Anywhere Catholicism or Christianity exist in a given culture therein can one find divorce moving forward at an alarming pace over the land.  Divorce is ever present in other countries but at a greatly diminished rate from what I understand.  It must be something in the water here in the U.S. lol. I would speculate that we have moved further away from our spiritual paths and Divinity verses the other nations in question and this is what in my opinion has brought this persistent monster to our doorsteps.
Divorce is about the most negative and despicable occurrence that one could ever have in my opinion. It causes one to lose everything that have spent a lifetime to acquire not to mention wasting all the years that a particular person could have been happy with someone else more suited to them. Divorce is just something out right destructive and wasteful in every sense of the word. This event causes people to steel that which is not theirs to take.  People become greedy. It turns good people into liars and gold diggers.  Divorce brings out into the light the hidden evil that seethes in the human spirit.  Nothing can be gained from Divorce but unending loss and total anarchy if performed for the wrong reasons.  

In the case of my divorce and through spell castings I greatly diminished for myself allot of pain and confusion that most people feel as a result of this legal action.   But there again I try in all earnestly to live according to the laws of Divinity to which intern causes them to have mercy and grace upon me.  That again makes them more receptive to my spells and or prayers verses those who hide behind Divinity in the day and practice evil works by night. You've all heard me say on this page that Divorce is Bad, Bad, Bad;  and there might be those of you out there that agree with me fully but have the daunting questions of: 

I was happily married at one time and did in fact build a life around this marriage. I don't want to undergo a divorce especially after what I've read on this page.  Answer: If you can avoid a divorce then do it at all cost however if your being abused in any way. shape or form then get out of it at all cost.  There's nothing worth dieing for, and or nothing worth staying in a relationship for if your in complete and utter misery. Relationships are about being happy and growing with someone and not about being controlled and dominated by them.  Relationships aren't about being physically or physiologically abused or mistreated in any way.  If your with someone that does this to you then it's time to go especially if you have tried everything under the sun to save a relationship or marriage in the past.
It's better to cut your losses and undergo the pain and chaos now rather then later.  In other words it better to salvage some part of your life now instead of wasting anymore of your precious life in a relationship that will never work out or only grow worse with the passage of time. Again, It's up to you to decide if your relationship is worth staying in or maintaining. It's your decision the to determine the quality of a marriage and or if your in it or leaving it for the right reasons.  Sure, there will be suffering without a doubt for all involved should one decide for divorce but there again one must ask themselves what will better for all concerned in the long run.  If your just bored in your marriage and you may be thinking about ending it possibly for the wrong reasons then again think about what will be in the best interest of all concerned in the long haul.  

A marriage is a marriage of the Heart and Soul as long as Divinity dwells within the union and the couple grows and are happy with one another however when the Divine connection.  Growth and happiness is gone then the marriage becomes as a prison filled with pain and atrocities that bite you in the night.  It becomes a living hellish death to all likened in pinning up mad dogs who despise each other in a small miserable cage. If your in a loving marriage or relationship then work very hard at keeping it a loving union as they are rare to find these days in our fast paced and high tech world.  Always keep it real and defend it with your vigilance and never ending care.   Never and I mean never take your oartner or marriage for granted for you may one day be very unpleasantly surprised as was my previous once love.   

Why make anymore bitter memories to carry with you throughout your life?  I have very happily moved on now and consider myself the luckiest man on earth because Divinity saw fit in saving me.  In replacing my sorrowful grief with endless joy in finding Jan.  Wisdoms heard and Wisdoms gained. It is my hope and most profound wish that all reading this finds that allusive happiness and contentment in your lives as I did.