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Fast, Affordable Advanced Spells That Both Teach You The Laws Of Magick While Giving You The Keys To Real Life And Spell Success
Negative Traits And Negative Blocks Part One
Negative Traits And Negative Blocks Part Two
Divinity's Trial By Fire And The N.R.P..

The NRP ( The Negativity Releasing Prayer ) is by far the most important step in the over all spell process and thus, one should really take the time and effort to perform it correctly.. 

If you would like to read over the NRP and the break down in traits therein, negative learned behaviors and negative blocks, please visit us at our magical teaching videos page under "Holy Grail & the NRP.

Performing the NRP isn't for the weak of heart or the faint of spirit as it is the equivalent to making a one on one covenant, or agreement with God as Moses did upon Mount Sinai. Yes, that's what I just said, “A One on One communication to God Himself. " 

A communication to the whole of Creation and or, the Universal Divinity, unbelievable isn't it ? Of course it is, but it's true in every way. How would you like to view your life and the entire world around you through the eyes of an Angel? To ask a thing of Heaven and then to see it manifest in your life before you can wink a eye.
To over come lifetimes of negative karma in the matter of mouths and lastly, How your you like to become a master over the world rather then being a victim to it? Sounds great doesn't it? Well, it's all true I guarantee it. 

How would you like to not only have a direct line to Heaven but the capability to acquiring tomorrows news paper today via seeing the outcome of every situation in not only your life, but the lives of others? You know, knowing what types of situations to get into and what situations to run like hell from makes all the difference. 

 How would you like to be both psychologically and spiritually stronger then you've ever been in your entire life and perhaps, more grounded and spiritually knowledgeable then any of your Ancestors ever thought of being, or those around you. 

Well, this is the reality and opportunity that I'm offering you today as I'm handing you the keys to the gates of Heaven itself. Yep, I'm actually handing over the keys to Heaven not to mention, a highly successful and blissful life to you, free of charge, Guaranteed. 

You don't have to subscribe to my faith system or any other theology system for that matter, you don't have to pay tolls or visit a church every Sunday unless it makes you feel better about things, or unless you absolutely want be there yet, it's not necessary. 

On the other hand, it couldn't hurt as everyone needs a little support every once and a while. You never have to fear a Satan again, or be under the thumb of any given Church from this day forward as you are the church, the church of Divinity. How would you like to see an Angel standing before you, or feel her hand upon shoulder in your darkest hour? Again, How would you like to be curse free for lifetime in that no spell or conjuration could ever touch you again?

I'm giving you that power over your Enemies right now. Sure, were all going to have some monkey out there taunt us here and there yet, Divinity will take care of them and these idiots won't hold power over your life. Imagine, what it would be like to in communicating with Gods Holy Angels while learning the mysteries of the Heavenly Thrones, while mastering your own life through the Tree Of Knowledge, renewing your spirit via the living water that Jesus spoke so often about. Yes, having the ultimate spiritual experience right there in the comfort of your own home, for FREE. 

 Imagine learning the answers to all the problems you've experienced in life and never having to wonder why something occurred, or happened to you or another ever again. Yes, this is all possible because I'm handing you the Holy Grail this day, a day you will always remember. 

You will never feel lost, confused or alone again as Divinity's light will always keep thee and light your way. It sounds to good to be true doesn't it?  Well, it's true, real and waiting for you to experience it for yourself without any intervention from others or myself. In short, I don't want anything from you other then bringing you happiness and success in your life through this knowledge. 

I was dead but now I live and further, now offer you these truths that shall surely manifest in your life should you choose to follow this path. How would you like to be a friend to the ALL of Creation and Creation a friend unto you ? 

And further, stand center place in the Universe itself to be the Master of your own personal destiny? Grab it kid because here's the key. And wouldn't it be Awesome? to look upon the Earth and speak how dry you are and then, point your finger to the sky command in the name of Divinity that it should rain, and it does, or to touch your finger upon the head of the ill in Creations names and heal them, or at least make their passing that much easier. 

 Yes, these things are possible in every way however, you must be clean of mind and spirit through developing your relationship with Divinity, to give of yourself over to them in ridding self of those things that only wish to destroy you, that hinder and hold you back from being those wonderful things mentioned above.

What is magick but a prayer, and who is Divinity but another aspect of our world in which most fail to see on a daily basis nevertheless, has interacted with us all from the day of our conception and birth into this world. The thing that will be there in the end as it was in the beginning for all of us believers and unbelievers alike. Wouldn't it be fantastic to move through life without all its ambiguity and confusion? 

To see God and the rest of Divinity the way they really exist and not the way it's been falsely portrayed to us down through the ages. And, what of life after life? Wouldn't it be nice to actually know that something really does exist after this madness is over and gone like the dust in a windstorm. 

 Wouldn't it be helpful to know why bad things happen to good people at times, and why bad people are sometimes are in places of power and influence, or why things occur in your life good and bad, why all these things happen the way they do. 

Wouldn't it be great to have the answers that resolved all the issues at hand bestowed upon you; or to receive a gift of finance or love when you thought all was lost?  It can happen for you as easily as it occurs with Jan and myself.

Lastly, wouldn't you like to be a person that walks through life feeling whole and spiritually complete, Or sure of yourself in the decisions you've made? In a most turbulent world, I'm sure you would. 

Yes, the NRP is the real deal that will in-turn raise you from obscurity into the light of the world and all you have to do, is in getting rid of the sin within as the reward for this blissful life and eternal spiritual freedom. 

You see, the NRP sells itself in that if a person follows the spell criteria correctly, and earnestly attempts to always do the right thing by Heaven and man, while perpetually working on themselves to be a better and stronger person, then the results of reward become more and more evident the further they progress on through the process itself. I would never lie to you or ask a person to undergo something I haven't experienced or undergone personally.

This is something that you can do yourself and further see the manifestation of your own actions coming back to you via divine rewards, and your faith can only grow stronger with each passing miracle in your life. The War Between Heaven & Hell - The Struggle Between Good And Evil I concede that a war may have taken place in the Heavens in the distant past between astral Entities and further, some at that time wished to give unto man the secrets of the Tree Of Knowledge and yet, others didn't because they feared humanity would abuse this holy wisdom and hence, the great misinterpretation and mistranslation that exist currently in the Coptic Church systems. 

However, I do believe that the war in Heaven is more realistically attributed to, and accepted as a fight between the good and evil intent found within the hearts and minds of Humanity itself. 

The war between doing the right thing based on the vast knowledge that has been left to us of what works and what doesn't. I would venture to say that the alleged fallen Angels of the mentioned theologies above are merely the Demons of our negative personalities in this mundane existence. It is we that chose to do wrong to our neighbor and not a mythological malevolence working through us to bring down humanity itself. 

And so, the fastest and shortest way to Hell, or the grave, is in carrying out the wrong actions against others for reasons of greed, anger, pride or otherwise less then desirable reasons found so readily and practiced throughout our species in the pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment. 

 I believe that the righteous in the world practicing the ways of light and knowledge will ultimately find safe harbor in the turbulent times ahead, and those of the wicked nature will be cast down into utter despair and destruction in a endlessly spiraling into the abysmal oblivion. 

Those whom choose to work against their brothers and sisters and the whole of Creation will be declared the enemy of life, and it is this very condemnation that will cause many to fall from Divinities grace in the end game, to forever lose their places amidst the stars of the unseen spiritual kingdoms on high. 

The NRP, is the Holy Grail given freely unto Humanity and the weapon in which we use to abolish all evil from within our hearts and minds. It is something that must be used with haste in the world by all that can understand its message, for who can know the hours and minutes left in our lives? but the Spiritual Force itself of our very creation. 

 It takes those of goodly heart and intellectual mind in traversing this road to a spiritual recovery and moreover, with the fortitude and willpower to understand that failing isn't a option least you fall back into the ranks of the damned. 

The damned are those whom walk through life as its slave instead of conquering the conquering hero without ever really knowing why. Yes, the war is in the human heart & mind, and the fallen Earthbound Angels can be seen in every prison and asylum, Spirits who've lost this war between good and evil many times over. 

Again, the scattered and torn flesh of those who have lost this fight rest forevermore in the silent and abandon graves of forgotten places for their portion in this life. This is the key folks, the eternal key in which the Christ from every generation has spoke of, the truth that can never be deluded or destroyed in any way as can the flesh, the word that was the same yesterday as it is today and will be tomorrow, and it's yours for the taking. I can offer your the key to Earthly happiness and eternal life, but it must be in your free will to reach out to receive this gift of the spirit and this can not be forced upon you. 

 There have been many whom have received this gift in the last four-teen years who have went on to know the Divinity of creation face to face and further, have achieved their fondest desires in this life and yes, many more will come to set themselves free in the future days to come and hence, hopefully one of them will be you. 

 What if I told you that this spiritual process could elevate your financial problems, strengthen your spiritual fortitude, fix your relationship circumstances, heal your body and empower you for personal success throughout the rest of your life, Could you accept this?

Would you welcome this into your life? Of course you would because you are the Seeker of the wisdom. Just think of it, you could have your family back with good finance, good health and with the knowledge of the ages, it's true. What if I told you that you would never have to purchase, Or perform another spell for yourself ever again ? 

Would this give you the hope back in your life?  All you have to do is read over the N.R.P. and be the judge of what it's saying to you. It all starts in the mind folks and works through from there. Why? Simply for the reason that every thought and word you speak is likened to a prayer that thunders throughout the Heavenly ranks and so, would quickly manifest before your very eyes without the aid of another. 

What would you think about this? Would you like to be free of the dogma, confusion and smut the world has to offer?, that the world crams down your throat. This is your chance people, this is the chance of a lifetime or forever hold your peace. You see, this isn't a dream or a false promise, but a real thing that you can not only use, but see the immediate results in your life, FREE and under your own power. 

Once you became proficient with this spiritual process, the sky is really the limit, it's true folks, Guaranteed. I will put my name on the NRP and Guarantee that it will work for you by blessing your many earnest efforts with tangible positive results that you can see, by yielding karmic reward at every turn in your life instead of karmic lessons. Again, this process is FREE, as the steps to this process are posted clearly on the sites and moreover, that Jan and myself will assist you with if need be. 

Yet, a warning to you, remember that you are making a covenant with Divinity in giving something up that's bad for you in return for something good for your life. If you stay true to Divinity, then they will stay true to you, If you abide by your agreement to be the righteous person they wish you to be, then your life will prosper ten fold.

If you renege on your promise of spiritual and emotional evolvement, then they will quickly take back what was give to you as the reward for your hard work. On the lighter side, should you lose your way and begin to fall, but then catch yourself by holding true to your agreement to Divinity, then your bounty in life will return immediately. 

Don't take my word for it, but experience this for yourself first hand. After you move through this process, not only will your faith be strengthened by light years, but you will become the master of your own destiny, no more fear, no more uncertainty and more so, you will always know the right thing to say and do in your life and thereof, knowing the outcome to any event good or bad. 

Now, I'm going to take this opportunity to state a few facts such as follows: Were not a religious order and we don't belong to any religious denominations however, we will draw off of certain aspects found in the mainstream religious systems to better relay our teachings to you, Faith is wholly different then religion just for the record.

We're not looking for members as were not a cult, and we are offering this information free solely for the reason that we want the world to be a better place that's free of war, greed, hunger and strife. 

We do cast spells for a fee and use the NRP as a powerful tool along with utilizing other invaluable magical techniques and tools in encouraging spell results for our Clients because these tools are the corner stone to any manifestation of miracle, just so you know. 

I had invented this unique process about 15 years ago in a effort to help myself evolve into a better person and to further, stay with the realms of spiritual evolvement for magical purposes. The N.R.P. was extremity instrumental in allowing me to work through the many negative learned behaviors that existed in my life stemming from childhood right up into adulthood that furthermore, sabotaged me in life, or held me down from being successful however, once I perfected the process my life reached new and positive heights in every area of life. 

 The Negativity Releasing Prayer has not only helped me with my personal set of emotional melodies, but went on in displaying other far reaching and positive effects that weren't anticipated when I created the N.R.P years ago. I noticed, that the more that I worked on myself and stayed consistent with the process in which I created after my Near Death Experience or N.D.E.   Jan also had an N.D.E. and you may read all about her amazing life experiences at http://www.jan-windglows.com 

The more my life only got better by the day. My life excelled in every direction concerning love, health, protection, wealth and problem solving via the vast knowledge I was given of things that I had no knowledge of beforehand. 

Of course, this is a prayer that I believe to be divinely inspired, a prayer that had set me free over the years and that, I can attribute in bringing all the good things in my life to date. At one time, I was very confused, stressed out and psychically ill and more so, pretty much put my life into a shambles with everything I tried to do in fixing it on my own without Divinity. 

You know, you can be a smart guy and good at many things yet, if you don't have the right perspective on life, or have Divinity at your side, things just turn to sh_t for some reason :). Well, to make a long story even longer, I was healed of my sickness to a greater extent, I was able to screw my head on right and tight, I learned and retained all that I know today, and my life is wonderful for the most part. 

My loving Wife Enchantress Jan stands by my side and has further, picked up where I left off in adding to this outstanding process via adding even more tools that help us straighten out another's life magically, while speaking to everyone in a language that they can understand. 

 Enchantress Jan is a loving and understanding person whom has a great love for children, older folks and small animals who further, has a healing touch about her in every way. I would strongly encourage you to contact Jan today so that she can share some of her many experiences with you while educating yourself further regarding the spells and the N.R.P.

There are some out there that would say that this is to good to be true however it's the real deal that takes concentration and a earnest effort on a persons part, It will IN FACT bring your desires to you in life should your desires be of a righteous nature. The NR.P. Can NOT be used for evil as it will In fact turn on the wicked by it's very nature, just so you know. 

A spell WILL NOT work for you unless you move through this NRP, or Negativity Releasing Process as this is the very corner stone of ANY spell work done by ourselves or another. The N.R.P was set up to be religion friendly process and the ranking of Angels can be altered to a greater extent yet, I would advise performing it exactly the way it has been laid out for best spell results. Yes, there is a down side to the N.R.P in that a person must be brutally honest with themselves.

They can't run around doing only what's good for themselves any longer and it is prudent to consider the needs of others. People have to be willing in removing the negative learned behaviors that have sabotaged their success throughout life, and they do have to make Divinity number one in their lives. 

Yes,  the N.R.P is the key to personal success in every area of one's life however, even though it's a easy process to follow, it takes dedication and lots of hard work, we are asking something of Divinity, Were asking for Divine intervention and or, asking for miracles to occur in our lives, right? And this is why we must play be the rules. Of course, that's why this part of spell casting is so crucially necessary, agreed? 

If you came across a accent and dusty old text that has all the answers to life in it, wouldn't you pick it up and read it from cover to cover? Sure you would as would many. Well, this is that book of mystery that you've been searching for throughout your entire life and all you have to do is (Read It ). 

We can't force you to read anything nor would we want to as this is a test of your free will and choice and not ours. Many of you will, and have contacted us for spell work so please permit me to reiterate this point one more time in that your life will never be smooth or at it's peak unless you observe these holy laws governing psychological development or spiritual evolvement and that, no spell cast by anyone will ever come to reality unless these Universal laws are observed and followed to the letter so please, I implore you to read and carefully follow the instructions within as you won't be sorry you did. 

 The N.R.P. is our legacy and gift to you, to the world, and we would ask that it be learned and taught to anyone that can understand this message by yourselves. How wonderful the world would be to live in should everyone practice these spiritual principles. 

 However, this might not realistically occur in our lifetimes given the state of affairs in the world but it will happen eventually, perhaps you and we can be the driving force instrumental in the quickening of the new age of enlightenment that in-turn, brings lasting peace to the entire world one person at a time.

In Divinity's Service,
James R. Morgan ll
Janhett T. Windglows