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Demons And Extra Terrestrial Beings: What's In A Name?

By Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll

Demonizing a particular Entity typically starts off with the way something looks or appears as to the naked eye, or the effect that something has on us such as a snake for example that has been used as the ultimate symbol of evil down throughout the ages by certain religious groups. The snake is considered evil because he's stealthy, quick and venomously deadly in some cases yet, in regards to him being classified as an actual evil, this couldn't be further from the truth as he's just another creature of God driven by natural instinct for self-preservation.

The snake is a formidable opponent in the forest should you not be watching where you step however, I can assure you that he, like many other creatures, have nothing to do with evil itself. The snake has been demonized so much and for so long, that the first response of the average person that sees the snake in the woods, is in killing it.

So in essence, association by appearance, deduced act or imagined affiliation to something that is predominantly evil can in essence, end up causing fear and stigmatizing something, or someone else not of a malevolent nature as being evil in some way. Guilt by association through the twisted account given via the so called victim of the snake bite, but more so, the perpetrator of torment to the snake is guilty under the guise of truth to cover the negative actions they commit.

In essence the snake was only defending itself from the person poking it with a long sharp stick and thus, being that the person with reason is against the simple snake, the snake is properly labeled as dangerous in nature but also falsely accused as intrinsically evil and by that equated with the Devil himself. In other words, I was just standing here minding my own business and that mean old snake attacked me for no reason at all, as some would have you believe rather then admitting their part in the whole affair and so, this can be likened to many other situations found throughout history especially, when we delve into legend and myth.

If we were to assume that both Angels and Demons are weighed and measured by the same standards of appearance and deed to determine malevolence or beneficent demeanor, then this superficial profiling system born of distortion and fabrication and conjecture would explain the false indoctrination that has existed down on through the eons concerning an Angel or Demon. As has been said so quaintly in the past? One mans Demon is another mans Angel? and so, how can a person make the distinction of whom is what from what in the spiritual kingdom least he have direct contact with a certain Entity and learn its particular personality? To which is seldom if ever the case.

The listing of Angels, Demons and other Angelic orders can quite simply be summed up by merely saying that these things or list of angelic personalities are formed, or born out of the pure speculations of ancient man concerning his association to planetary influence and experience with Elemental charges, natural occurrences.. A little known fact, is in that some Angels have been derived form the names of places and people whom once lived amidst the ancient populations of the world and hence taking it up a step, could be associated with Extra Terrestrial Beings living in this old world setting and directing, or re-directing human history as a result.

For instance, present day Iraq sits upon the top of the ancient city of Babylon that was home to many including The King Nebuchadnezzar and the Deities that were worshiped at that time that were considered Gods and Goddesses . Other such angelic presences, or once Gods and Goddesses such as Lilith, Lucifer, Baal, Adramelek and Beelzebub can be found here and in Assyrian lore as well along with many others that have been demonized by the old Church and the Johnny come lately religious systems.

The stigma placed on these particular forms of Divinity have in fact, taken them out of the original state of honor and consideration that they were once recognized and worshiped, subsequently turning them into the bad boys and girls of the religiously oriented civilized world we know today. I often wonder if these presences likened to the Egyptian Deities such as Anubis, Ra and Osiris weren't?t ancient Astronauts on a mission to guide and aid humanity but were demonized along the way by those seeking to create their own perspectives of who God is, and to what roll he played in the lives of the believers.

Again, I wondered where the lines became so blurred between spiritual intervention from above the sea of glass, and those workings from additional astral races below this form of creation. How can we discern and or, separate the actions of the Pharaoh whom proclaimed themselves to be as Gods whom falsified the records of the time, from those in the Heavens that were really God like in nature?  If you look real close back through history, you will see that some cities were so wicked that they were actually given the names of Demons and hence it was so, with exceptionally evil human beings along with the Angelic names that were given to exceptionally righteous people.

Some demonic names are describing consolations, stars, planets and otherwise along with the negative aspect held within the human personality, or otherwise known as the seven deadly sins attributed humanity, allegedly invoked on humanity via Satan and his dark minions. As God has numerous compound and inflatable names, that are specific descriptions of who this Divinity and their Saints were, The so called Devil has just as many describing that winch is intrinsically harmful or evil to humanity over all. These names also deal with what is considered to be evil persons, cities, natural events, barren or inhospitable places, stars and consolations, just to name a few areas of interest.

So in essence, many of the demonic names you've heard about are seemingly describing the evil of man himself, or what man considers to be evil around him, and not so much the manifestation of a real and present malevolent supper demon, past what can be found inside of us. Again, I think the mainstream church has deceived its people in that they failed to state with a clarity what is what, when it comes to these matters of clearing away Biblical ambiguity, especially when it comes to the evil components or presences found in holy doctrine.

Concerning these key demonic names and the character's their attached to that have a more earthly origin to them more so, then anything that can be found in the realms of Hades or Heavenly realms as scriptures read. I can conclude with all certainty, that what has occurred throughout the religious history of the world is in that we have a mixture of defamed God/Goddess found in pantheistic mythology, evil places and humanistic deeds that some have heaped on the previous religious traditions in order to dissociate and demonize while making way for the new order, new ideology.

A clever way used by some to invoke fear and loyalty under the cloak of righteous behavior through deception. Of course, some of the old religions were violent and misguided yet, two wrongs don't make a right and thus, there can be no truth through deception not matter the noble intent. In my opinion, evil is intrinsic to the human being and moreover, what has gone on in religion is by far the hugest smearing campaign that has taken place from one faithful system to the next, from generation to generation.

Now, please don't get me wrong, as the Holy Text of the world do have much merit, and there's much that we can all learn from them when digging for the truth deep within amidst all the confusion and ambiguous written circumstance however, to pull out the credible content from these doctrines is a feat in deed, when we know that thousands of years of opinion is stated within as fact, or have apparently been incorporated and passed off as the word of Divinity. For example, when we look at the book of Mormon that was allegedly discovered by, and given to Joseph Smith outside of New York by the Angel Moroni, we can see that this was proclaimed as one of the lost books of the Bible even though there's no record of this.

Please look up the Salamander letters concerning the communications between Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as this should shed light on the early formation of this church. To be fair, I would also ask you to take a read through the Apocrypha to discern Catholic doctrine. For the most part, there are those among us that can accept that the Arch Angel Moroni appeared and ministered to Mr. Smith, and then rendered the book of Mormon that moreover was written on two gold tablets but then, some of us found reason to doubt to doubt this event due to the lack of evidence. In other words, it was to much in asking that we should take this account on faith over what is known as fact.

Even though the book of Mormon claims to splinter from Christianity, or adds additional text to the Bible, in teaching that Jesus made his way to America to minister to the Native Americans, there still isn't any actual proof of his visitation by the Angel, nor was their any gold tablets presented when this angelic presence vanished. That is, other then the copies that the Mormon church claims to have in its archives written in three different languages, that were copied from original text written on the golden tablets themselves. So basically, were ask to believe in something that is said was divinely inspired yet, there's absolutely no proof of the visitation, or proof of the golden tablets mentioned, just copies and church leaders giving us their account and word that it all actually happened.

Of course, this leaves many things open to interpretation and opinion especially, when there's not much credible text to back up the ideology. Moreover, when you actually have an original and private set of communications between the leaders of a church laughing and making jest of the religious practice they've created. Yet, it doesn't mean that Mormonism is any less, or more credible then the next belief system or religion, as many old world belief systems can be tagged for the same internal conflict and making up some things as they moved along.

However, people still accept the church and the particular doctrine of faith despite the facts, to which is fine in my opinion, as long as the parishioners aren't?t harmed in any way via spiritually or psychologically, and this goes for any other spiritual practice as far as I'm concerned no matter the denomination. Again, Mormonism is just a example of how spiritual doctrine evolves and unfolds down through time, I'm not looking to single out any faith system more so, then a good subject to base my opinion and conclusion on in compassion to, most other religious systems.

Also, I've taken these issues of conflictive statement and ideology via this system of belief up with two very good friends of mine to which happened to be Bishops in their seventies and eighties, that apparently resided in the Mormon church there in Salt Lake City Utah. Being the good people that they are, and the great effort they gave in trying to convert me to their system of faith for a period of three or four years, they were unsuccessful.

It wasn't that they weren't making sense for the most part, but in the long run simply couldn't address my questions concerning the inward mechanics of their working belief system, like so many others in the various other orders of mainstream religion. I couldn't really establish the validity to this form of faith simply because they refused to make the tablets accessible to me to copied, or otherwise to which was the basis to their faith system.

The Mormons are by far, the most polite, intelligent and wholesome people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting likened to may other peoples found in the religious systems all over the world however, it is what it is factually speaking concerning any religious system and nothing personal. Who knows, and according to the way things play out on the evolutionary scale concerning any spiritual doctrine, The book of Mormon could be considered a book of consequence in years to come and perhaps, made a part of the Catholic doctrine as time goes on.

As the factual content or facts fade away over time of its original creation and moreover, since it is consequently pretty much stating the same Coptic consensus of who Jesus was, and where he may have traveled throughout his life and or, the teachings of Jesus Christ, chances are that the book of Mormon will eventually be absorbed into a more widely accepted world view of Christianity over time.

He Old Testament consist of 39 books, The New Testament has 27 and the Apocrypha holds 16 books in itself, in total 82 books of the Bible, that deal with the coming of the Messiah, the life and times of Jesus and what occurred after the death of Jesus some of which, some were written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ. Let's not forget the 114 suras or chapters found in the Koran in some of winch speak in regards to Jesus.

So we have at general count 82 books of the Bible plus what's found in the Apocrypha to which the Catholic church excluded from the Bible and the 144 chapters found in the Koran, all written by various authors a different times, all drawn off more ancient sources primarily drawn from pantheistic based textual views existing in multiple other cultures around the ancient world going back thousands of years. Is it any wonder that certain spiritual views have conflict in ideology? Or that they would compete with each other while finding it necessary to demonize their opposition in the process? I would say that this is exactly what has transpired with mainstream religious practice and that these various views of faith started out just like the Book of Mormon and so many other systems of faith.

In short, spiritual evolution is the ever expanding theory brought about by every culture and every generation within that culture, that shares the same hopes and dreads concerning life and the afterlife starting with the ancient Egyptians and ending with the modern day Evangelist. Religious views is likened to any other form of philosophy that's full of theory and conjecture and more so, passed down as divinely inspired content that in turn, seems to make sense of what could be, and what actually is in life, and so fourth. Religion is the base root of all our hopes, aspirations and deepest fears that all culminate in a array of doctrine that generate a common belief.

Satan is the largest manifestation of our fear in that he is us, and we him however, And on the other hand, he is the bringer of justice in Hell against the grievous of sinners that escape the worlds justice, and a way to free ourselves from the ill unjustified actions we've taken against another for whatever reason, the escape goat and Savor of our pride and the responsibility we avoid and shirk. Jesus, is on the flip side of humanities saving grace through the emotional remembrance of his teachings of light and civilized life, the very thing we clutch onto in the darkest hours of life yet, even he is forgotten in the best of times as the Devil is sometimes celebrated in his absence through back sliding in to our outmoded ways of self-destruction.

It is the human being whom attempts to live by the words of the Christ but conveniently blames his failings upon the Devils head, ?Why didn't you bring your homework in little Johnny, the Teacher ask?, and Johnny replied, the dog eat it Teacher?. Sounds familiar, huh? The Devil and Demons whom hide beneath our beds and in our heads are in essence, the supper Villains in opposition to the supper Heroes being the Christ and the God, whom sent him to earth to die at the hands of the wicked fleshly Satan?s of the world.

When a man stands in lust, greed or loathing of others with vengeance in mind, and when a woman sees her own shame of deeds committed, there is no Angel or Demon dancing in jubilee next to them rejoicing at their folly, least they gaze into the mirror and see their own dark soul reflections starring back at them. When looking back through our history as a people, I see demonizing going on all over the place in a effort to place blame on everything but ourselves via the demonizing of outer worldly beings, Angels, Demons, cultures, religions or each other and so, the saga goes on in propagating the very things spiritualism stands against outwardly being, fear, ignorance, hate and intolerance.

Existence of Hell

In regards to the existence of Hell, I would surmise that there are many levels to that in which could be construed as a Hellish world, or Heavenly bliss however, not necessarily in the format that most would conceive these worlds of pain and euphoria to exist. Firstly, we have the Hell on Earth to consider that we make for ourselves by being our own worst enemies, or caused by consistently making the wrong decisions in life over and over again through our failing to learn from our past.

Then there's the Hell that others cause for us that we have very little control over that's usually as a result of short sightedness on our parts, or in letting certain ones into our lives that we shouldn't have in hindsight. Then there's the Hell of those evil war dogs that never seem to go away, that just keep spewing their arrogance and violent poison out the barrel of a automatic weapon, and whom rejoices in the pain and suffering of the innocent as their life's blood....

And then, we can consider the hypothetical situations of what a astral race might have in store for us should they be the Gods and Goddesses of the past regarded and a Angelic force that further, have been acting in a stewardship capacity over humanity since time began, as some believe. And then the spiritual Hell and Heaven to consider outlined by mainstream theology. I've all ready have written hundreds of post regarding the Hell on Earth Syndrome along with my theories of Extra Terrestrial intervention and over all mythologies yet, I will elaborate on some of the finer points in this posting to clear up any ambiguity.

For the most part, the Spiritual Heaven and Hell concept are drawn directly from the pantheistic belief structure that eventually bled into the Coptic versions of the afterlife accounts and so, this is understood by most Scholars yet it's still regarded as truthful fact by most lay person's as they don't seem to get the connection between the two, or are most dogmatic and conformable in the prescribed theologies set fourth in each culture.

I believe that being damned, or condemned to Hell in the spiritual since is to be cut off from the grace and love of the rest of creation both psychically and spiritually, to be alone, shunned or abandoned by creation in all its seen and unseen aspects, a lonely and cold existence away from the very essence of life force itself. If we look at some of the hypothetical situations presented in previous post such as the Extra Terrestrial theory in that Extra Terrestrial being could have the capacity to harvest the Soul energy, then this would pretty much mean that these Entities could pretty much do with a human essence.

I mean, if you think about it, they could invoke bliss or torment by propagating either wonderful and radiant conditions with beings of peace and light abound, or demonic things full of loathing, chastisement and torture directed at the sinful spirit.This same principle could apply when it came to a spiritual kingdom in that the human essence, or Soul could be harvested and placed on a thousand different levels between euphoric and tormented existence in a world of extreme energies, or in a world comprised of pure energy that could be bent at the will of a divine force.

As far as Hell being located within the depths of the Earth, I would say yes and no, as the spiritual kingdom has no boundaries any more then the air we breath or the wind that blows. As far as I know, energy can manifest anywhere be it in the far expanses of space, or deep within the mountain or sea and so, a spiritual Hell can live just about any place virtually undetected by mortal senses. A Hellish existence could be a place in where One is made to face the worst of their fears to which is filled with petrification and horror, to sitting in a far off land while watching your children and other loved ones starving to death daily, in which the seconds seem like hours, and the hours like days, and the days likened to an eternity.

I believe in the many halls of Heaven concept, and that there is a place, or hall of torment next to the place of bliss, as the Old Testament suggest however, the aspects of Divinity are of one accord and work in unison to accomplish the processing of a Soul in the Hall of Souls. I also believe that a person not only pays for the sins of a lifetime in this life, but more grievous sins are paid for in the next should that particular Soul be recycled. I shutter to think of the complexity of a life after life, and entertain that it's not as simple as is made out to be in light of the many things I personally know and have experienced throughout my life. I would deduce that many transformations may take place when the Soul, energy, or life force leaves the body such as reincarnation, re-firing or torment the Soul, ascension of the Soul to the eternal Master Consciences and lastly, the absolute annihilation of spiritual energy for the unreformed spirit, just to name a few possibilities.

It could be said, or assumed that the good Soul of many cycles would eventually join the master consciences, or the Source of creation and that the informational retarded Soul would be recycled over and over again until the knowledge was obtained and lastly, the repetitively evil Soul would be re-fired, re-learned, or eliminated entirely from the equation of creation itself . In my opinion, why shall we even need the threat of Hell and the reward of Heaven to be the good Soul? As doesn't the righteous action quench the fires of Hell while enhancing Heavenly reward in this life? through cause and effect.

And further, wouldn't the force of creation and the nature of the world itself keep the beneficial cell found on both the microbial level and in the flesh forever more? Sure it would is the answer to this question. It would much like the psychical body keeps what is good for it and cast out that which is harmful. In essence, what Demon of the spirit in man can resist the wisdom of Divinity unless he cared nothing of his own spirit and life? And if the man cares nothing of his interactions with others in the first place, then he is all ready the walking dead and so, even his grave will not be recognized by the least of Heavens Angels.

We can speculate and evaluate the various ideologies and theories concerning Hell and its Demons all day long yet, the truth of all things rest deep within the human mind, heart and spirit. A mystery within a mystery that only we can answer. That in turn, dictates what our spiritual energy will consist of in the end of our days, and what shall become of us by the powers that be. I choose to be a positive influence while I'm here on this Earth, or as much as I can be, I choose to believe in all that is good in Heaven and Earth and so, I will let Hell take care of itself for it has no business with me.

When I was young, my hell consisted in mine own ignorance and failure to understand the master plan of creation. To this day I still don't understand everything that goes on in the world, but I'm getting there day by day. I didn't understand who I was back then, or what my purpose was in this life yet, through trial by fire was I given the answer to which broke the cycle of my personal ignorance, confusion and pain. Hell is a fearful subject as is Heaven in some cases, but life can be the worst Hell of all in my opinion, or as the crow fly?s. I think, that if we were all to concentrate more on how we treat one another in our lives, then the discernment of Heaven and its counterpart Hell wouldn't be a issue as Heaven would take care of itself and Hell simply wouldn't exist.

But there again, we, no matter the effort we exert in obtaining understanding and wisdom, We will never know what rest beyond the great horizon past life as we know it until that faithful day. We might not have had a choice in the matter of life itself however, we do have a choice in how we live our lives, and that's key in the happiness we seek and obtain throughout our lives. And in the end of life when my eyes close, and the last breath echoes throughout a silent room, I hope that someone there to meet me, to carry me off to a wonderful place amidst fluffy clouds of white, I hope to call everyone in the spiritual realm friends whom I've allays known forever and a day. To go out with the names of Divinity upon my lips, and to be as brave as I can be, when old man Death grasp my hand with a sinister smile upon his face.

But, if I shall close my eyes for the last time and the blackness engulfs me forever more, then it's a small matter because I will know, that I did the best I could with what I was given in this life and hence, no human being has a perfect life and my conscience will be clear. Of course, some fading regrets will remain but like all of us will have for we as humans will always make mistakes in times of war and peace as is the human condition but perhaps there's a second, or third time around for absolution in another life, who can say. If not, we chalk it up to experience and set the example that others may learn from and follow.

But until that time, I will forge onward into the future while always trying to do the right thing by others, to fight the good fight as I see fit, and to only fear my own unknowing or ignorance because for me, this is the great Satan whom always seeks to destroy my life. I fear not dancing demons, lakes of fire or chains of ice yet, Divinity is an awesome force that I will always show great reverence in, and so should you. For who can know the reach of ghostly shapes and specters of gold, blue, silver, purple and green least your on the other side of death, and in the worlds spirits may command.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is just as much in the limelight today as he ever was back in ancient Rome or Israel, Why? because we can still find him being mentioned in about every conceivable area of be it, one faith damning another in his name, politicians claiming that he's on their side, holy wars and out right murders being declared again, in his name, and so fourth. We can see the faithful following the teachings of Jesus as well as they can given the distortion and conditioning fed them by the church, And even the Atheist and comedians, seem to be taking their pot shots at Jesus, just to get better ratings on their acts and television shows etc.

We see Evangelist riding on his back on their way into politics and the religious systems clamming that they have the main exclusive on the life and times of Jesus. Yep, Jesus is still pretty popular as even the Biblical Scholar?s still strive to know both Jesus the man and Jesus the God and yet, people are still leaving the church by the millions, simply because they don't understand, or feel that their not getting the whole story from the Church. Yes, we all think we know Jesus pretty well by now, and what he was saying to the world, but as it would appear, a good many of us don't even have a clue as to who he was, or what Jesus was about even though some of us can quote verse to verse without missing a beat.

I've seen some folks quote judgment over another via chapter and verse in which they themselves, were in violation of however, perverted the meaning just the same while knowing that it wasn't the meaning intended by the Christ, or wasn't met to be used in a certain context.

And their are those whom blaspheme the title Christ?The Savor? Bill M. Yet, they blaspheme that in which they know not, for the true teachings of Jesus the Christ and the Prophets are but teachings of the upright humanity, the laws of the civilized and enlightened world through realistic thought and prudent actions.

Yes, even the folly of fools rides on the back of Jesus and the prophets in making sport of holy and unknown things unto them, that moreover cause the fool contradictions in what they personally believe for their own life. To every legend and myth, there rest basis for truth and thus, religion in all its complexity and distortion has in the start, some truth in them. To close off the mind to the possibilities to what might be, what is, or could be, is lunacy and to write off the power or prior, or communication to that which may be, is the shortsightedness of a small mind.

It would appear that some in the world have become brazened with a sharpened tongues in their overzealous efforts to show no fear, confusion and stupidity, but the time will come in that will test every heart for its level of courage and potency of speech. I've said this before, and I will say it again in this post, Religion in the way that it's presented on the whole leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation and confusion yet, if you look beyond the structure of any faith system in a realistic and scientific way, then this will make more sense to the rational person looking for real answers to the pertinent questions they have.

I've never been One for 100 percent blind faith and have further always strived for the answers past conventional knowledge and wisdom in discerning the events in our ancient past, I've always tried to weed out those unbelievable events to which were added in for the sake of institutional manipulation and control, and now I can finally see clearly beyond what is false to that which is true in all things. Again, when we clear away all the fantasy, false doctrine and other types of smut existing in the Bible and other texts, all that's left is the truth of what was actually stated in the true teachings of Jesus, to which has much to do with teaching the righteous ways in conducting your life, and nothing more.

Lately I've heard a talk show host and a guest alike taking something that Jesus allegedly said out of context as follows, Jesus said: ? Forsake the family and all that you know and follow me?. Ok, he wasn't stating to everyone that they should psychically forsake their families more so, then make God and the laws for good living number one in their life. Jesus, may have also been speaking to his Disciples in asking them to go with him for a time to spread the gospel etc. To suggest that Jesus was against the family, the family unit or even marriage, is preposterous at very least.

Really, it's this type of speculation, loose interpretation and uninformed statement that isn't helpful in any respect to the populace and further, I can see why these folks maintain the view they have on religion, faith and prayer simply because no intelligent person could accept Biblical unfolding in its entirety the way it's presented to the public today. Like I said, the Church should have did a better job in teaching its followers the truth of Christianity philosophies instead of engaging in deception and failure to properly educate. I've been called a lot of things to which some things I am such as a philosopher, seeker of truth, teacher of what I've learned and a messenger of sorts, but I'm not a preacher out to save souls and definitely not into politics lol.

I don't have any political or religious agendas and I believe that only people have the power to save themselves through education and obtained wisdoms especially, when it comes to matters such as life and spirit. We don't believe in cramming our beliefs down the throats of others and I respect the political and religious views of others. I would guess that if someone wanted to sum me up in total, it could be said that I am the voice of reason, the alarm bell in the storm of confusion, the one that yields food for thought. I don't have any church affiliations, and I'm not out to bring down the church although, were pretty sure that I'm not on their Christmas list either.

I don't like being played as I'm sure you feel the same, and I just want to live in a better world, like you do, without all the crap between point a and b. I'm not a person without blemish, not perfect, but I try to live and serve Divinity in the best way I can. I Thank you all so much for all the kind letters and things said about me in the past, but please know that I am here to save a few good minds and it's up to you to save your own Souls LOL Of course, Jan and I love you all.

I believe in Divinity and much of the Bible, but I do find issue with some things that simply don't make sense to me, or seem to encourage the harming of others to which I disagree with, as should you. I take what I know to be true, or the things that has always positively worked for us over the last six thousand years and apply it to my own life. In short, I look at all the holy teachings as offering a road map to a successful life however, we must be careful in which map we follow.

The credible teachings of Jesus to me, is a way of life that leads to order, peace and love amongst other noble virtues that every life needs in it, agreed? Jesus lives on through his ideology and teachings of righteous living, and it is those same teachings of wisdom that can be considered the ? Living Word Of God? in which he spoke, the wisdoms that can lead the whole of humanity out of troubled times and into a beneficial future away from evil, away from confusion and pain. I believe that if a person wishes to reject any religious system then this is fine especially if that religious practice involves harming another through any means yet, to rail against the time proven philosophies and ancient wisdoms taught by the Prophets and Scholar?s dealing with good moral behavior and living, is to rage against civility in all its positive aspects that would in turn, make a person an Anarchist and antichrist to the healing truths of Divinity and civil living.

If we were to take the psychical presence of Christ and the Prophets out of the picture and just went off his teachings, this would still be the salvation to the world in which he spoke. Even if this form of salvation doesn't really address the actual ascension of the Soul into Heaven, It would still in itself cause a life to be more then it ever could have been without this wisdom.

As the saying goes ?The Messenger isn't as important as the message itself?. The life and times of Jesus should be recognized as with anyone?s life that has taken the time to teach, and personally sacrifice either their life or otherwise to educate the masses with what's considered the living word. The word and message of truth that can't be twisted or distorted by evil minds and perverted by wicked tongues. Even though we have many out there today, that feel it necessary to slam not only religion, faith, ideology and the various key players such as Jesus found throughout the scriptures, that moreover having to do with spreading the messages of peace and tolerance, the truth is still the truth, and every human Soul knows what's good for it and bad for others, including the ones speaking In vain sentences.

Something we should all keep in mind, If I say something in life and someone comes along after my death and changes what I've said to their liking by either adding to, or taking away from, then who's error is this? And should the distorted statement made by another be a fault given unto me?, or to the liar who spreads the lie? And in the end, are we not to scrutinize all things told to us? or shall we accept whatever bounces off our crowns? simply because it sounds good and to our benefits. And if we permit any harmful things to touch our lives, or the lives of others through accepting a false teaching, then who's error is this?

You may call the teaching of Christ anything you like while making assumptions about the man Jesus himself yet, in the end, and like with any other teacher of humanity, it's not who the man was so much as the message he gave in a effort to save the world from itself. Religion is a man made thing that changes with the wind such as the loyalties of men however, the truth of the ages are just as unchanging as the truths their built upon, as the stone is a stone, and the fish a fish swimming within the sea, and no manner of wishing otherwise will change the reality of fact.

Jesus, like many others whom were labeled as Prophets or savors, were simply the conveyers of wisdom and human history be they looked upon as of a divine, or of a fleshly origin and yet, humanity takes up issue with all trivial pursuits of the life instead of accepting the truth yielded as the gift of wisdom. When Jesus said? Let him who read and hear these truths understand there meanings? and teach them to the world in a language they can understand. Incidentally, this is why Jesus taught one way in public and in a more advanced way to his Disciples whom had a better understanding of what he was saying.

I would say that many people have the deep understanding of the truths and wisdoms in which Jesus spoke but there are many more who lack this understanding in the world. I've even seen the Church starting to entertain new religious perspectives concerning the possibility of other life existing along side of humanity and a better understanding of the constellations or their movements. I've witnessed the Church pondering the facets of intelligent creation and the theory of creation on a cellar level, to which are all good things as these things take humanity out of the dark ages and into the light of knowledge.

Again, Jesus said: Take that in which your father has given you and build upon it?, or to learn the lessons of your fathers, and the wisdoms they?They have left you and expound upon them by adding your own wisdom?s gained through self-experience etc. To enhance humanity through your positive contributions as through this, your spirit become a friend to Heaven and Earth. When Jesus himself was raised from obscurity, I don't believe that he was terribly interested in promoting a so called religion, or even a religious practice more so, then he was in spreading the wisdoms born out of every experience suffered by humanity itself since the first days of creation.

Jesus said: ?For I send you out this day as sheep amidst the wolves?, He knew it would be a up hill struggle for humanity and that we were prone to strike out with violence, even against himself and his disciples. This is the case with any man or woman whom seeks to brings peace in the midst of violence and corruption. And when he was proclaimed the Messiah, or Savor by those around him, he rightly took this title to heart as his teachings were directed in saving the world from itself. He vented his concerns and spoke a set of truths that the world really didn't want to hear, especially those in power that ultimately put him to death upon the Roman cross a top of skull mountain.

A message that rang around the world that profoundly touched every mortal heart for thousands of years. A message that wouldn't, couldn't die no matter how hard some tried to kill it that can still be heard as clearly today as the day he spoke it to the masses. They say evil dies hard but the living word of Divinity will never die. ?That which is eternal can never die and those things of the flesh will turn to dust? over time. When Jesus himself, or another, stated that he died for the sin's of the world, or that his blood cleansed the world of all its sin, I wold say that Jesus believed in the message of life so much that he sacrificed his own life so that everyone after him could be armed with the truth of life and spirit through his teachings.

They say, that God so loved the world that he gave up his only Son? to be sacrificed for the sins of that same world. I don't know about that, but I do know that Jesus gave up his own life in the face of deadly adversity, Why? just so we could be given the opportunity of truth, wisdom and peace in our lives. You got to love him just for this alone. Do I believe that Jesus the Christ resides in Heavens? Of course I do along with many others, along with anyone else whom has taken the time and effort to teach and live by the laws in which he taught. Do I believe that the spirit of Jesus resides within the righteous heart? Yep, I sure do, no matter the tongue they speak or the region of the world they might live, as a righteous heart is a righteous mind and spirit.

Is Jesus the Christ the redeemer and savor unto the world? I believe that he is through the knowledge he gave to us as a global society in which we were met to live by. Will we see him again, or will the Lamb return to us? I hope so because if the world ever needed someone like Jesus, we need him now. Will we, as a world, turn Christ like in nature someday? I believe we will through our own accord especially, when we've tried and failed in life through our own misconception of the way things should be. In short, we will exercise the only suggested option left to us when all else has failed at the end of the day.

It's my hope, that we look at, and learn from Jesus the man, and what he stood for in his life that's considered factual more so, then his suggested dissension into to Hell, or ascension into Heaven, to which is pretty much the speculation of a Jewish vision, or alleged eye-witness account. I'm not stating that this didn't occur yet, I believe that more can be learned from his life over his death. In closing, I think Jesus was for the most part, a misunderstood man, notably because he was way ahead of his time and moreover, there was a lot more to him then anyone realizes even now. I would say that the Bible has endured the test of time simply because of the potent truths found within that seem to have overridden, and somewhat exposed the distortion also found throughout.

The truth is likened to a shinny coin that can be seen deep beneath murky waters especially, when the light hits it just right, from above. Again, and as always, thank You so much for taking the time to read these post, I hope it has been of some help in understanding yet another perspective...