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Our New Service, "Road Dragons" Nationwide Mobile Spell Casting Services By Blood Love And Lust Spells or call 208-399-2719.
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Our brand new innovative magickal elite mobile spell casting service that is unprecedented nationwide.....join us in person and take part in your own spell casting, or watch us cast for you ! Welcome to the Road Dragons Spell Casting Services by Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows and Blood Love & Lust Spells.  I'd like to take this opportunity to elaborate in depth regarding our New service affectionately known as Road Dragons to better inform you the Public at large of what it actually consist of and or involves in the way of spells and services.

For a time now we have had to travel long distances back and fourth in reaching spiritually charged areas within a 100 to 200 mile radius from our home. This has been sufficient to some degree over the years however it has become a rather exhausting venture in packing and unpacking all of our spell equipment. Thus we considered our options and decided that it would be more advantages for not only our Clients but ourselves if went just ahead and took our Spell castings. Knowledge and Abilities to the road so to speak. 

Casting spells from our New R.V. setup seems to be the best way in providing the missing elements or links needed for casting much powerful or stronger spell casting operations plus meet our Clients face to face. There's allot to be said for this as the better we know our Clients and their particular situations the better the casting.  In the past not only have we been restricted from utilizing more energy potent areas for spell casting but have also had our Client access somewhat restricted. In many instances in the past and present we would have enjoyed meeting certain Clients  however this was impossible as we live so far up in the mountains that it was quite the dangerous trip over the mountains  especially during the our nine months of winter.

During these times the roads are covered with at least one to three feet of snow and blizzards rule the air in the air ways that intern impeded air traffic etc. The Road Dragons Service consist of a rather large motor home in which will allow us to not only travel to the most remote and spiritually charged areas but will allow us in performing our newest and strongest spell castings.

This will also permit our Clients to both meet with us and quite possibly have a large part in the actual performing of their spell casting ritual along side Jan and myself.  The Dragon Wagon as we call it will travel to all points North and South. East and West such as Florida to Canada and upwards to Alaska at times. From California to Kansas. From Alaska down into South America to such places as Mexico. Peru and all points in-between.
Once this service is up and running spell rituals can be performed just about anywhere in the United States that a Client would request within exception to any large cities or metropolitan areas as we just don't like dealing with the traffic and in light of the over all size of the R.V. The advantages in contracting this service would be in the way that the Client can actually not only watch their spell being researched in our 900 page volume Book Of Shadows but moreover can watch the spell being written up in three to four ancient alphabets and so fourth.
They can also participate in the making the wax doll effigies needed for most spells and in the drafting up of their very own spell charts. Moreover participating in the spell offering and burning while witnessing the blooding of the prayer its self by Jan and myself. When a Client becomes a intricate part of their one of a kind and highly customized spell casting operation such as this there can be no stronger spell casting performed for them on earth.
The Client will have the option of receiving on site pictures of their spell casting if they like and a special bag made up for them consisting of  the spell ashes from that same spell to take home with them for disbursement in their environment. This will give the spell that much more connection and power to the Client and their over all situation. It doesn't stop there as the services of Spiritual Counseling. Crisis Hot Line and Free Recast that are generally offered with our other home based spell casting operations are still in effect and are offered through our mobile spell unit castings. 

Our vehicle is equipped with wireless computers linked to a satellite that keeps us in frequent contact with the client twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
These computers are the best and newest equipment and have the capacity to not only send and receive emails but the ability to make or receive calls on top of the all ready hot line cell phone service that we offer. In short were wired for sound and can handle any crisis situation at any time of the day or night. If you would like to know more about this service please let us know. Service conditions: All Fees must be paid up front and in full before the Dragon Wagon will be traveling to any location at anytime.

All Mobile Spell Request must be made in advance and by payment only. Our Mobile Unit will only be traveling to no less then five locations and not exceeding ten locations per month. Any case past this will be scheduled for the next month and so on.
If you are interested in this service that will be in full operation within the next two to three weeks or less then please call immediately to reserve your place on the spell casting roster. This is important as we would rather not back track and would like to line up our visit locations far in advance to allow for down time and or unforeseen delays etc. 

Contact High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows today for more details and to make your reservations at:
Or you may leave a detailed message on Enchantress Jan's business phone.  Messages are checked periodically so please be sure to clearly leave all your contact information.  We look forward to meeting you in person soon.  

Our Business Message Telephone :

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High Enchantress Jan creating a Ritual Staff for one of her clients on location.